Realtime morphing

Project diary for a realtime morphing demonstration. We are two skilled students at gsCept university creating an advanced real time morphing simulation. This is our diary about it.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Perlin noise

Switched from creating the fogvolumes from 2 scrolling textures to a 3d perlin noise. This gives much more "realistically" looking fogvolumes and it's easier to control/predict the result.
The fogvolume in itself is made by a 16x16x16 texture (only 4k memory) stretched over an area of 64x64x64 and using 3 octaves of noise to give enough detail.
Also wrote the shaders för lightbased morphing and plane morphing in ps 3.0.
Optimized the volumetric lightning a little futher (because it's so fillrate heavy every cycle counts :) and now It's running pretty smooth.


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