Realtime morphing

Project diary for a realtime morphing demonstration. We are two skilled students at gsCept university creating an advanced real time morphing simulation. This is our diary about it.

Friday, January 07, 2005

textures starting...

So, the modelling is 100%, and the rigging is pretty much finished (haven't painted bone weights yet) ... Anyway - I have now started to seriously work on the textures. This is a VERY important part. Ugly textures = ugly overall look. Nice textures = nice overall look.

For the rigging I decided to do many things manually. This is because my experience says that when I try to make things work automatically, they tend to backstab me by not working at all and be very difficult to adjust. By having them manually operated, I will have to do some more work when animating, but I will most likely avoid some very irritating errors. I have tested the rig by baking it and it seems to work fine. At first it didn't work because I had an animated group above the root joint, which ofcourse wasn't read by the exporter. I solved this simply by creating an expression in the rootjoint to copy the things from my animated group. These expressions are baked when baking the simulation, so it works good.


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