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Project diary for a realtime morphing demonstration. We are two skilled students at gsCept university creating an advanced real time morphing simulation. This is our diary about it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Getting wrapped up

Well, animation is almost done. I have successfully completed the animation, but it needs some minor fixing until it feels more professional. This workflow - sketching up the whole animation first, and then finalize and perfect it - is the best. Only drawback is that people in the classroom looks over my shoulder and thinks "uh, that's not good", and when some people does this, it's kind of irritation.

Anyway. Right now the follow things needs some attention - then we're ready to go gold.

- animation
The animation needs more attention. This is actually a never-ending task, so I will most likely finish up the other things first, then work the animation until no time is left.

- model
Needs to be tesselated in some areas for better deformations. This must be done in consideration of the normalmaps, which are already generated. Perhaps I could generate new normal-maps, as my workflow allows for it... .Hmm... I placed all manual changes in layers in a .psd file, so I could change the original by just changing the background layers.... (Must be thought over.)

- skin weights
If I add more polygons, I must also paint how they are weighted.

- gui
Fix the gui so it's more personalized

- icon
I'm not happy with the icon I made. I have very fuzzy ideas about new ones, so until I can think of something more concrete, the old one will have to do.


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