Realtime morphing

Project diary for a realtime morphing demonstration. We are two skilled students at gsCept university creating an advanced real time morphing simulation. This is our diary about it.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Small update.

Haven't done so much the past week because I needed to put some time into the other courses I read pararell with the project. (I'm doing a Quake3 map viewer in java :)
But I implemented parallaxmapping for the ground today and it looks pretty cool.
Also built a new viewer for Oskar and explained how the lightning is calculated so he can start planning his textures.

The GFX card is here but I need a better PSU before I dare to try it, this computer only has a 250w PSU right now and I'll probably blow it if I try using the card now.
But a 305w PSU is ordered and it'll probably be here soon.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Good model done...

The highpoly good mesh has now been completed and exported as a normal map... Feels kind of wierd to work on something for a long time then just accomplish a 2048x2048 map from it... But - it looks pretty cool... Well I haven't really been able to check if all details are good, because I can't pan in the current viewer - but I think there only will be minor errors which can be fixed in photoshop...

Also slowly started rigging. I really hate rigging. But it's coming along ok. It's actually probably almost finished but I don't wanna call it finished yet, because I'm not sure if it's good enough - have to test it a bit more. The irritating thing is that in order to finally test it, I have to paint the skin weights. If it turns out to be not ok - I will have to paint them all again. (unless the import/export skin weights can magically help me) .. Anyway - therefore, I'm kind of avoiding finishing the rigging right now =)

The high-poly evil mesh will be started today... I really should be going home to sleep (soo tired), but I kind of feel like atleast starting the evil mesh first =)

Friday, December 03, 2004

Short summary on whats happened since the last post.

- Implemented volumetric lightshaft rendering with shadows after an idea from ATI:s presentation at GDC, this is really fillrate heavy but looks so cool so i'll probably have to include it somehow in the final demo :).

- Continued working on the engine and it now has full skinning support according to my exported data from Maya. Also found out that if you paint skinweights in maya it can generate more skinweights then the max you set when the skin is bound.

- Added some GUI elements to control the morphing and a timeline to control the animation.

- The shader that will be used for the angel is almost complete, there are some things that can be optimised away like the spotlight calculations if i use a projected texture for that to.

- Tried a nice thing where a plane divides the model and affects the morphing. Ex, the top half of the angel can be "good" and the lower half "fallen". This might be used for some nice effect later on. Im also thinking of doing the morph gradually where the divider cuts the angel to get a more soft transition and add some noise function so the transition doesnt look so gradual.

The GFX card hasn't arrived yet wich is bad because im really keen to try the performance of it and see how big the performance win is for shadowbuffers, but it'll hopefully be here soon.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

1 week behind

Well... I went to the SACO education fair, and then to the elmia dreamhack, representing the school... and it took some time I would have used on the project so I'm about 1 week behind now... But I'm compensating by working harder and more.

Currently I'm doing the high-poly mesh for the good angel - to be used in the generation of the normal maps. It's proceeding along nicely, but sure takes some time. I've also adjusted the low-poly mesh in some areas to better fit the requirements of the high-poly. .. The evil angel will be created in Zbrush, which gives room for more smooth things and such...

over and outzors.

Oh and I really need the gfx-card soon, because this card is having some problems handling 2048 textures...